book & staples bundle
book & staples bundle
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book & staples bundle

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the ultimate bundle of a crystal information book and our tumbled staples crystal kit.

a perfect gift for someone looking to start their journey into the wonderful world of crystals.

this selection of tumbled stones is what we believe all crystal collectors should have in their kit. place them in your selenite bowl to keep them charged and cleansed.

clear quartz energy / healing / calmness
selenite tranquility / protection / balance
rose quartz self-love / romance / friendship
citrine success / confidence / positivity
fluorite grounding / creativity / balance
amethyst insomnia / stress / communication
lepidolite calmness / mood-swing / rebirth
pyrite self-worth / memory / protection
smokey quartz balance / anxiety / manifestation
black tourmaline confidence / inspiration / negativity

• all crystals in this kit are tumbled
• all crystals will vary in size and shape
• each kit comes with a card with the above information
• each kit comes in its own pouch

*crystals can be fragile, fragments may chip off with handling
*keep selenite away from water as it will dissolve