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pink himalayan salt lamp timber base

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himalayan crystal mineral salt comes in many natural shades of colours. the colours of the crystal vary from pure white, pinks, oranges to deep reds, and sometimes a mixture of all. the reason for the variations of the himalayan crystal mineral salt is caused by the infusion of iron along with over 80 other minerals within the salt crystal. the richer the iron content, the richer the pinks, oranges and reds appear in the crystal.

when the bulb inside the lamp heats the himalayan salt, the salt releases negative ions – which counteract positive ‘pollutant’ ions in the air.  so basically, himalayan salt lamps are an air purifier and can aid in respiratory problems such as asthma, sinus and allergies. salt lamps are also known to reduce symptoms in people with asd and are also known to improve snoring and sometimes stop the snoring altogether.

the included electric cord could be black or white colour depending on the availability.
this salt lamp is compliant with the current australia standard ‘AS 60598.2.4:2019 – luminaires, part 2.4: particular requirements
it takes a second to fire up the light bulb due to the power converting process.

*you will receive information regarding your himalayan salt lamp provided by the supplier
*you will receive either a white or black cord and a bulb