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ultimate staples crystal kit - Eden and Stone

ultimate staples crystal kit

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introducing: staples, the ultimate staples crystal kit.

what all crystal collectors should have in their kit.

clear quartz energy / healing / calmness
selenite tranquility / protection / balance
rose quartz self-love / romance / friendship
citrine success / confidence / positivity
fluorite grounding / creativity / balance
amethyst insomnia / stress / communication
lepidolite calmness / mood-swing / rebirth
pyrite self-worth / memory / protection
smokey quartz balance / anxiety / manifestation
black tourmaline confidence / inspiration / negativity

• this crystal kit contains tumbled and raw pieces
• crystals are subject to availability and can change between tumbled and raw 
• all crystals will vary in size and shape
• each kit comes with a card with the above information
• each kit comes in its own pouch